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  • Craig Winslow

    Craig Winslow

    Adobe Creative Resident ‘16 🌲🔮🔦 Experiential Designer, reviver of ghost signs http://lightcapsul.es // http://craigwinslow.com

  • Samantha Nickerson

    Samantha Nickerson

    Designer and illustrator

  • Ellen Soffes

    Ellen Soffes

    Bible believer. Bean counter. Blessed wife of @soffes.

  • Jon Gold

    Jon Gold


  • Kimberley Cook

    Kimberley Cook

    Freelance front-end developer. Director of @codebar.

  • Meg Robichaud

    Meg Robichaud

    Draw for $$$

  • Amandah Wood

    Amandah Wood

    Founder of Ways We Work. People things at Shopify. Certified coach.

  • Kim Bost

    Kim Bost

    Principal Product Designer at Dropbox. Formerly at other fun places like Etsy and The New York Times.

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